website rates – contact us for pricing

1 hour photoshoot of product/ portfolio

1 hour videoshoot of product/ portfolio

2-5minutes cinematic trailer

site coding, installation, setup, security hardening, and testing

wibiya, youtube, twitter and facebook integration

facebook comments integration


Website Creation Workflow


1. Schedule a meeting with client to discuss ideas and identify site preferences. If clients agree, a down payment is required ($200 non-refundable).

2. Client then will sign up for the domain registration. I recommend 1and1, I currently host with them and so far, they provided great service and reasonable hosting fees.

order 1and1 hosting (it includes a free domain registration)

3. Once 1and1 or the hosting company sends the credentials to client, the client then sends the credentials to us. From this time we have 30 days to setup the back-end of the site and PHASE 2 starts.



1. We will have our photographer and videographer do their part, they will take pictures and video footage to use on the website.

2. Once they turn over the raw medias we will have our designers to start integrating the photos and videos on the site.

3. Once we finish the “pre-final” site we will contact the client for review and get the list of tweaks/ changes they want.

4. Once we receive these list we will get our coders to start working on them asap.

5. Once the enhancement list have been completed we will contact the client again for review.

6. If client gives the confirmation that it is good to go PHASE 3 starts.



1. We will install site security measures to protect the site.

2. Make sure all plugins are updated.

3. Quality Check, making sure there are no broken links or possible coding  errors on some of the pages.



1. Schedule a meeting with client for credential turnover.

FAQ: Our clients often ask us if we can manage their site for them and the answer is YES. For a small monthly fee we can manage their site for them.

2. This completes the site creation.


Our Current Clients:









 Why should I choose you to setup our site?

1. We take pride in what we do and we only take one client per month.

2. With all the millions of templates available online, we can assure you that your site will be definitely unique above the rest because we provide professional photoshoot as part of the package. As a way of saying thanks, we will throw a videoshoot for free towards your cinematic promotional video.

3. The sites we create are mobile friendly, they load properly on iphones, ipad and other mobile devices.

4. Please take time in reviewing our previous work and you will see what we are talking about.

5. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our work I encourage you to call our clients directly and ask them for yourself. :-).

6. If you have further questions or concerns please call Jeremiah Batac directly if you have further questions or concerns @ 3013267376.



1. What if I don’t want or need some of the features included on the package will it be cheaper?

Answer: YES, We understand that our current economy is hard to get by these days and we are always willing to work with our clients for better pricing.

2. Who pays for the hosting fees?

Answer: The Client. They are responsible for initial sign up of the hosting service and registration of domain. We can always assist in initial registration if needed :-).

3. How much is the hosting service?

Answer: It depends. If the client go with 1and1 hosting it will be $6.99 per month. They always have promotional rates going on and as a matter of fact, if you sign up today the first 12 months is only $3.49 a month.

4. Are you affiliated with 1and1?

Answer: Not only affiliated but we host our own website with them. Our reputation is paramount and after long research we found 1and1 to be an ethical company. They offer better and robust hosting service than others. For example, there was an issue with the server where our site was hosted, they proactively contact me to let me know about the issue. For the inconvenience, they gave me ONE MONTH FREE web hosting service. This issue happened around 3:00 AM EST and I’m probably dreaming about Bangs Garcia lol! Regardless they still went out of their way notified me and gave proper credit. For me that speaks a lot about them.

5. Above are the most frequently asked questions I currently have for now, I will keep adding new ones as they are raised.



Best Regards,