20120428 | IMG | Photoshoot.

Couple of weeks ago, Clayton Morgan (CEO and Owner of IMG talent management) contacted me to conduct a photoshoot of his next promising talents. It was definitely a challenging shoot but with the help of a close friend and a great photographer as well JaiCee (Suigen Studio), I came out victorious. Below are just sample […]

20100901 | gloria fox | maternity shoot.

Man I had trouble logging in to the admin console of my own blog, lol… it’s been a while since I had time to post some updates and I’m super stoked to post this one because photos came out superb!, meet Gloria Fox a cool rock star mom! who loves giving back to her community. […]

20100613 | zenaida david | surprise 60th birthday party.

If anyone who deserves a great milestone birthday party that will be Auntie Zeny. I’m compelled by the thoughtfulness of Ron D. (Auntie Zeny’s one and only good looking son) towards his Momma. I had the privilege to cover this great event and below is the full gallery URl and some highlights. Auntie may you […]

20091125 | melody pettit | thanks giving pictures.

Couple of days ago Debbie Pettit contacted me for a possible photo session for her precious baby Melody. While getting this idea worked on with her hubby she requested pics I’ve taken last year from our church annual thanks giving service, I hope the session will happen and below is the custom gallery I created […]

20100425 | FFL | 2010 Passport to Purity Ceremony.

It’s been awhile since I uploaded my last blog and I can’t be more excited blogging my newest coverage,,, FFL 2010 Passport to Purity Ceremony. One day I would like my daughters to do the same, it’s basically taking oath in being pure in spirit and body ti’ll they meet sacrament of marriage. Without further […]

20091224 | FFL | Christmas Celebration.

It’s like a tradition now for me and my family to attend our annual Christmas Celebration and like what the previous once it’s awesome!. I posted some highlights below and full gallery was also provided. http://mybatac.com/portfolio/20091224_FFL_christmas_celebration_2009_web/index.html m y b a t a c . c o m | jeremiah j batac | 301.326.7376 | jeremiah.batac@yahoo.com


Happy Birthday Roan!!!… Roan’s birthday celebration was awesome not only there was allot of good food,,,, pay per view for Tito vs. Griffin 2 was ordered! lol!. It was a great fight as well. We had some mini shoot of the kids and hot mama’s… see photos below. m y b a t a c […]

20091101 | alyssa loyola | 18th birthday bash.

I must admit Alyssa did great on her photoshoot.  Birthday parties are one of the photo shoot I love doing and you can see they know how to party!. Food was great complements to the great Chef  Tito Ting. Below are some highlights of the party and full gallery can be viewed on my portfolio link. […]

20091024 | apu neni | 90th birthday celebration.

Happy 90th birthday Apu Neni!!! may you have more birthdays and blessings to come,,, we LOVE you!!!… It’s always awesome to shoot birthday parties because everyone is happy and theres lots of good food. It is my privilege to work with Bradley David ( owner and primary photographer of bdfotos.com ) one of the great […]