20100613 | zenaida david | surprise 60th birthday party.

If anyone who deserves a great milestone birthday party that will be Auntie Zeny. I’m compelled by the thoughtfulness of Ron D. (Auntie Zeny’s one and only good looking son) towards his Momma. I had the privilege to cover this great event and below is the full gallery URl and some highlights. Auntie may you […]


Happy Birthday Roan!!!… Roan’s birthday celebration was awesome not only there was allot of good food,,,, pay per view for Tito vs. Griffin 2 was ordered! lol!. It was a great fight as well. We had some mini shoot of the kids and hot mama’s… see photos below. m y b a t a c […]

20091101 | alyssa loyola | 18th birthday bash.

I must admit Alyssa did great on her photoshoot.  Birthday parties are one of the photo shoot I love doing and you can see they know how to party!. Food was great complements to the great Chef  Tito Ting. Below are some highlights of the party and full gallery can be viewed on my portfolio link. […]

20091024 | apu neni | 90th birthday celebration.

Happy 90th birthday Apu Neni!!! may you have more birthdays and blessings to come,,, we LOVE you!!!… It’s always awesome to shoot birthday parties because everyone is happy and theres lots of good food. It is my privilege to work with Bradley David ( owner and primary photographer of bdfotos.com ) one of the great […]


When it rains it pours! This wedding was a unique experience,,, I came to the location and while getting dressed in my car rain started to pour it literally felt like 100 people above have water filled buckets and poured it all at the same time. Good thing the bride was cool and calm about […]

20090404 | 1st Birthday Party | Taniya Lewis.

Me and my family enjoyed Taniya’s 1st birthday bash. It was kinda nippy on the location of the party but people were so warm and happy. Algonkian Regional Park 47001 Fairway Park Sterling, VA 20165 US This spot is perfect for a hot summer day and plus bbq stations are setup and if we have […]

20081225 | Merry Christmas 2008 | Fort Washington, MD.

Finally after weeks of long hours of work and baby sitting I was able to edit and finally upload the 2008 Chrismas photos held at Fort Washington, MD. To see the full gallery click the link below. chrismats_2008.mybatac.com jeremiah j batac | 301.326.7376 | jeremiah.batac@yahoo.com | m y b a t a c . c […]

20081115 | Priscila Bauzon 80th Birthday Party.

Priscila Baustista Bauzon 80th Birthday Party Saturday, the 15th of November 2008 @ 11:30 to 15:30 Paradiso Ristorante Italiano 6124 Franconia Road Alexandria, VA 22310 Me and my family had fun with Lola Priscila’s birthday bash. There was allot of people who came and were willing to get down to the dance floor. This is […]