Gold’s Gym Ashburn, VA 1st year Anniversary Block Party.

I still remember driving on my way home seeing the facility being built where Gold’s Gym Ashbun, VA is located now. Everyday I was like, “Hmmmm… I wonder what business is going to occupy this facility” roughly a year later Gold’s Gym Ashburn, VA was born (BAAAAAAMMMM!!!). I felt like it was dropped on my […]

Mill Run Elementary School 2012 Graduation Ceremony.

I can’t believe that our daughter Christiana just completed her kindergarten. Me and my wife had the privilege to attend this great event. Kudos to all the Mom’s and Dad’s who made themselves available for this monumental event. I saw parents with stride along the benches with pride, joy and tears as some of the […]

Mill Run Elementary School 2012 Valentines Day Celebration.

I had the opportunity to cover the Mill Run Elementary School 2012 Valentines Day Celebration. My daughter Christiana one of the mountain lions (schools animal character) enjoyed this great event. The staff and parents were all in for support. I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you!” for your hard work and participation […]