Baby Santiago photoshoot

Isn’t he cute? Not too long ago my friend Ginger contacted me and inquired about baby photoshoot pricing. I’ve asked her, is it for you? and she replied no, it is for my co-worker Yinneth. I was excited because its been a while since I did a baby photoshoot. To cut the story short, Yinneth contacted me about possible booking baby Santiago’s photo session. I was so excited, but all of a sudden she had to cancel last minute, baby got sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. I was worried and was saddened by the news. Baby Santiago stayed in the hospital, confined within four walls for a week or so. But the little boy is tough! He didn’t quit! He fought back and recovered fully. Yinneth contacted me again and booked a date/ time and I accomodated. Finally got to their home and sure enough Baby Santiago gave me the perfect smile. I would like to share this awesome family shoot and let the images finish my story.