Jessica and Chris, what can I say… two words… dynamic couple! I must admit, they are the most accommodating couple I’ve ever worked with. Despite of the super nippy weather that day, the bridesmaid and groomsmen battled the cold while doing their meet and greet shoot. I had to wear a thick jacket to keep myself warm but still felt cold. I’m sure Chris did not feel the chilly breeze when Jessica walked down the aisle. She was lovely as she walked down through gently dropped beautiful flowers courtesy of their sweet and cute flower girl. Editing the SDE (Same Day Edit) video was an adrenaline rush. The render of their 4min video took 35min on a fully loaded macbook pro. The editing took me 1hr and 45min total including file transfer and render. It was a relief after I saw the dialog box that says “Rendering Complete.” I had the chance to catch a drink or two of the finest wine the Bull Run Winery can offer. Overall it was a blast, I had great time and had the chance to bust some moves on jam “Wobble.” I will let the video and pics I’ve taken. Congratulations to you Jess and Chris!