I recently got tagged along for a big project, is a start up company that I think I will be involved for a while. Jaime L. who is behind with all of this madness definitely fires me up whenever I chat with him. If I have to choose one word that will describe him it’ll be “Passion.” I just got the gears and modules of the website I’m building for them and waiting on getting the right theme for their site. Please check this post again when you get a chance to view the updated page.

I’m nearing completion on my project The site is just pending on UPS shipping integration and final video review. While updating this post I realized that I should take note of the features and take images of the website I created for future reference and showcase my potential clients of what is capable of doing as far as website build is concern. Here we go.

1. CMS/ Fully Responsive Site – “Fully Responsive Site” means that the website is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and more. Below are snapshots from the actual site.

Iphone Snapshot

Ipad Snapshot

Desktop Snapshot

2. Wibiya toolbar integration which includes the clients facebook and twitter accounts.

3. Fun photoshoot for the team.

4. Cinematic video footage for the Team.

5. Last but definitely not the least… their shopping site.