Philippine Festival Annual Community Picnic and Sportsfest 2012 (PAFC).

This past week my family and I had the chance to finally attend the Philippine Festival Annual Community Picnic and Sportsfest 2012 (PAFC). Despite of the raging heat of the sun, me and my family was able to squeeze in some fun while sippin on cold ice shaving treats. While checking out the boots we saw Myrna’s parents (the Milando Family) they warmly welcomed us on their booth and gladly shared their great home cooked food (they saved us some serious bucks). Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Milando for taking us under your wings during the event! Food was great and my kids did not suffer serious sun burns. All in all we had fund and enjoyed the event. Below are shots taken from the event.

Tucker Road Recreational Park
1770 Tucker Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744

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This outdoor festivity promises lots of fun, fanfare and fellowship for families and friends. The all-day event features games for children, sports activites (volleyball, basketball, 5-k Run, tennis, chess), a variety show replete with live bands and dance performances, native dishes and ethnic food, and “Parada ng mga Lechon” (parade of roasted pigs) leading a colorful procession of community organizations showcasing the best of Philippine arts and culture.