Mill Run Elementary School 2012 Valentines Day Celebration.

I had the opportunity to cover the Mill Run Elementary School 2012 Valentines Day Celebration. My daughter Christiana one of the mountain lions (schools animal character) enjoyed this great event. The staff and parents were all in for support. I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you!” for your hard work and participation and you are the main reason why this event was a success. The class “Mom” Mrs. Winegar is a friendly, fun, loving, caring, smart, selfless, soft spoken and the list goes on but handles the kids like a “Bawse” (slang word for boss). I’m really impressed with how she direct and communicate with the kids inside her class, she me the worst task for photographers… gathering all the kids and hold their poses for couple of seconds. She made so easy I’m thinking about hiring her when I do kids photoshoot. Mrs. Winegar, Thank you for doing what you do best. Mill Run Elementary School is definitely far the best school I’ve seen so far since I got here in the US and that is why we consider it the “Home” school for our kids. More power to you guys, I would like to share the photos taken from the event. Feel free to post share as long as the watermark is not tampered.